The Music

Alessandro Viale Composer & Pianist

Alessandro Viale is a prize winning Italian musician, conductor and composer (including film scores), who played extensively in many important venues in the UK, Norway, Germany, India, Malta, Spain, and Italy. Alessandro has recorded several CDs of piano solo and chamber music, with labels such as Stradivarius, Brilliant Classics, KHA Records, Sheva Contemporary, Da Vinci and Cremona Records, which have been reviewed in prestigious magazines such as Gramophone, Musical Opinion, BBC Music Magazine, and The Financial Times.

Alessandro has created the soundtrack to the audio books of Ant Chloe

Laura Marzadori Lead violinist – Scala Milan

Laura Marzadori joined the Scala Theatre Orchestra as leader violin in 2014, at just 25 years. Before taking up this position she played only as a soloist and as a chamber music violinist, never in an orchestra. However, the commission members with Daniel Barenboim as its president, unanimously elected her as the Concertmaster. In this role she has already worked with some of the greatest conductors in the world: Barenboim, Chailly, Gatti, Harding and Pappano.

Laura performed the violin part of the new Ant Chloe Video Book

The story behind the music

The music has been written, selected and recorded at home, during the lockdown, by the Italian composer and pianist Alessandro Viale. The little ant pianist, Chloe thinks musically: every thought, every feeling, is reflected in the different tunes. Some of these are completely new, like the dreamy lullaby “Berceuse of the Moon”, and some are elaborations of pieces by Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

Alessandro Viale identified himself with the little Chloe, playing most of the music on his ancient 1815 Broadwood piano. The violin parts for Chloe’s Promise were performed by violinist Rebecca Raimondi. For the new Ant Chloe soundtrack the violin was performed by Milan Scala lead violinist, Laura Marzadori.