The Music

The music to this story has been written, selected and recorded at home, during the lockdown, by the Italian composer and pianist Alessandro Viale. The little ant pianist, Chloe thinks musically: every thought, every feeling, is reflected in the different tunes. Some of these are completely new, like the dreamy lullaby “Berceuse of the Moon”, and some are elaborations of pieces by Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

Alessandro Viale identified himself with the little Chloe, playing most of the music on his ancient 1815 Broadwood piano, accompanied by his wife, the violinist Rebecca Raimondi. The story ends with Chloe playing the piano with the orchestra, joining all her friends, finally free.

Alessandro Viale has been inspired by the expressive voice of Ben Shephard. His warm vocal colour gels very well with the sound of the piano and the violin. His words fitted perfectly with the tempo of the music.