The Character

From the very first drawing, Chloe the ant appears little and cute, but not too beautiful to reinforce the concept that beauty that comes from the inside rather than the outside.

She has expressive big eyes and a friendly smile.

She wears by a pink scarf and a hat which distinguishes her from her brother and sister ants.

Chloe is a hard worker, disciplined and she has always a positive approach.

She is a sociable and courageous little ant who believes in the power of teamwork.

She has 10 brothers and sisters.

She is an outgoing ant, who enjoys playing with her friends, but most of all, she loves music.

She plays the piano and, her favourite composer is Chopin.

The Origin of the first Ant Chloe story

It was a sunny day; Barbara Panetta, author of Chloe’s Promise, was sitting outside in her garden, enjoying an espresso, and trying to be quiet while her daughter was practising the piano. Her attention wandered to a group of ants collecting a tiny piece of biscuit, accidentally dropped on the ground.

The ants looked very busy and so determined… probably as determined as her daughter, who was learning a difficult Chopin piece, very hard work for a ten-year-old and requiring much effort and concentration.

Both of Barbara’s daughters had started studying piano from the age of three, and every day since then had included intensive practice.

That particular day was so sunny and beautiful that Barbara thought her daughters deserved a day of rest. Instead of practising, they should be playing with their friends, and having fun.

That was the very moment that Barbara, had an idea, drawing a sort of parallel between the ants and her little daughters…

And so, the first story of Ant Chloe: Chloe’s Promise, began.