The team behind Ant Chloe

Barbara Panetta

Barbara Panetta is an Italian – British published author, artist and linguist, who lives in Richmond with her family and her golden retriever. She has published fiction novels and curated and edited several collection of short stories: e.g.  Lo Dice il Mare (2016) and On the Radio (2018). Barbara holds an MA from University of Messina in Modern Languages and Linguistics.

Barbara Panetta is the author and illustrator of Ant Chloe.

Lizzie Rushton

Dr Lizzie Rushton  Education Consultant

She is a Lecturer in Geography Education, and is the Subject Director for the Geography PGCE, a post-graduate course for trainee secondary school teachers. Lizzie has authored and co-authored research for international journals in fields including science education, teacher professional development and environmental history.As a former teacher, and a researcher who is interested in informal spaces of learning, as well as a mother of two sons, Lizzie brings these varied perspectives and insights to her role as Education Consultant for Chloe’s Promise.

Aurelio Scalabroni

Aurelio Scalabroni was born in Italy and raised in Porto Recanati where he lives with his three lovely cats. He is a graphic and web designer, but foremost a creative person who loves art. He is an innovator, experimenting with the digital medium for many years, including creation of web-sites, banners, logos and promos.

He likes to work with artists and customise his work in an original way.

In his spare time, he sings and plays guitar. He has composed over fifty songs. Aurelio has been instrumental in bringing Ant Chloe to life, not only by helping the creative journey but by guiding and inspiring the design of Ant Chloe’s first story: Chloe’s Promise.

Alessandro Viale

Alessandro Viale is a prize winning Italian musician, conductor and composer (including film scores), who played extensively in many important venues in the UK, Norway, Germany, India, Malta, Spain, and Italy. Alessandro has recorded several CDs of piano solo and chamber music, with labels such as Stradivarius, Brilliant Classics, KHA Records, Sheva Contemporary, Da Vinci and Cremona Records, which have been reviewed in prestigious magazines such as Gramophone, Musical Opinion, BBC Music Magazine, and The Financial Times.

Alessandro has created the soundtrack to the audio books of Ant Chloe